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About Bindis…


Para que practiquen un poco el inglés…
The word “bindi” is derivated from the sanskrit
word “bindu”, which means a dot or a point.
Traditionally, in some parts of India the bindi
is a sign or marriage. The bindi also has a
spiritual significance and is worn by both men
and women for religious reasons. Some men
would wear a bindi mark on their forehead,
especially for traditional ceremonies.

Today, the bindi is used mostly for decorative
purpose – now considered one of the trendiest
fashion accessories, it is no longer restricted
in colour or shape. Bindis are worn on any part
of the body, from the forehead, facial areas,
as well as on arms, shoulders or around the navel.
Ladies and girls wear bindis to match their outfit,
emphasise their attractiveness, or just to make
a fashion statement. Even those who use the
bindi purely for decorative purposes, notice
its power of creating awareness

Dot = punto
Worn = usado
Forehead = frente
Navel = ombligo
Match = combinar
Awareness = conciencia